The heart vs The brain

My heart broke for you

My heart you cried for you

My heart was poured out in front of you asking for love.

My heart felt it needed you and without you it was not needed.

My heart was a fool.

So, my brain stepped in and

brought to my attention that the feeling

From which I was suffering went by the name pain.

Anyone who bestows that much pain unto another person does not deserve their love.

I looked back at our relationship, and i came to realize that it did not measure up to the amount of pain I felt.

During the romance you belittled me

Took what I felt for you for granted

And most importantly you never appreciated my talents.

I pray one day you are what you always dreamed you would be

I pray you love a girl to the same extent that she loves you.

I pray for your family and friends especially your mom.

You changed me for the better & you were right you was just a stepping stone in my life.

Life is full of ups and downs, people coming and going, dying and being born.

Nothing lasts forever.

Just make sure you walk away wiser.

Jasmine G

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