Deescalade don’t shoot!

​I wish the police knew how to deescalate a situation without killing. The excuse people are making for these black men being killed is that they should have complied with the police. Thats bull 💩, they are “trained” to protect and serve not shoot when they get scared!! I got a MFin brother thats 15, dark skinned, & about 5′ 7″ he has Cerebral Palsy and although he’s high on the spectrum he is still special needs and isnt always compliant. 

   In 10 years, CJ is gonna be a big black man like Terance Crutcher & Alton Sterling, my worst fear is that CJ will have a run in with the police. I try to teach him how to react but I don’t know what he absorbs & actually listen to. I never imagined being afraid for my brother’s life in the hands of a police officer. 

This has to end, I know it will take time but please dont think there is nothing you can do. Let your voice be heard! Go to your local town hall meetings, protest, petition! 

Together we can hold these trigger happy officers responsible for their actions! 

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