​January 22nd, 2017 

   Monica Glover also known as SkinzArt held the Painted Skin event at CCB Studios in Atlanta,GA.

  She had 4 painters & 4 themes Futuristic, Egyptian, Jungle, & Glow In The Dark! 

  It was an honor to be apart of this creative event! I was in the Jungle theme as a Jungle Woman (pictures below) 

    I can’t lie was super nervous about being topless around complete strangers but after the paint was on & I got a drink in me 😂 I felt better.  

The paint completely covered my breast and nipples. My favorite part was the photoshoot 📸 . Monica had about 4 photographers at the event some for behind the scenes and the actual individual photoshoots. 


Jungle Woman @_joiedejasmine Painted by @metriusny

Jungle Woman @_joiedejasmine Painted by @metriusny

Glowing Goddess @kcdivalyfe Painted by @ericdapainter

Glowing Goddess @kcdivalyfe Painted by @Ericdapainter

iYiO logo girl @youadorewhitney Painted by @metriusny

Cleopatra @naymichellescorpio Painted by @articulate_mind

Futuristic Skin @dontcallmeaubrey Painted by @skinzart

Falcon girl @shanapannell Painted by @articulate_mind

Zebra @amandathemodel Painted by @skinzart & @ericdapainter

Painted Skin Tshirt @unbelievable_rebel Painted by @skinzart displaying art by @metriusny

This might was AMAZING! We networked, mingled, got painted & turned up! I can’t wait for The Summer Painted Skin’ August 2017 so stay tuned & make sure you follow all of us on Instagram.















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