Pregnancy After Loss: The fear.

I’m really scared, I’m 28 weeks pregnant and 4 years ago I was 28 weeks pregnant with my first born (G3) who is now an angel.
I don’t want to lose this boy.

I love him so much but it’s hard for me to see the future with him because I feel like Im getting my hopes up like I did with his brother. I’m scared of the crushing, suffocating pain I felt when Drs told me G3 wouldn’t survive it still gives me anxiety.

I can’t do it again. I can’t make funeral arrangements again. I’m not strong enough. My new baby boy isn’t facing the same challenges that G3 did but a voice in the back of my head keeps telling me “anything can happen”

I don’t want him to be premature but I’m ready for him to get here. I wish I could see the future & know everything is gonna be alright.

If you’re reading this please pray for me.